3 reasons why Chromebook is not suitable for you


Chromebook is different from Windows 10 or Mac OS X; it runs Google’s Chrome OS. Chromebooks are mainly suitable for users who need to be connected to the Internet most of the time and have to store documents and applications in the cloud. So, Chromebook doesn’t have uch storage space and are thus cheaper than other laptops. Here are the reasons why Chromebook is not a good option for some people.


You can use Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, etc. So, if you use these apps often, then you will highly benefit from using Chromebook. Otherwise, Chromebook is not a good choice for you. You may still access the Windows software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop, but the cloud version only.

Offline Use

Chromebooks are designed for those who work heavily online. So, there are many applications that won’t work if you are not using Wi-Fi. However, some apps can work offline as well.


You will have limited gaming options. You may only play games that are available in the Chrome Web Store. But, soon many popular games will be added to Chromebook. Chromebooks also have limited graphics processing power. So, many games won’t play well on Chromebook.

So, Chromebook is actually meant to serve a specific group of people. Their main advantages are that they are cheap, have long battery life and can withstand falls. Acer Chromebook for Work and ThinkPad 13 Chrombook can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, vibration, dust and other adverse weather conditions. But, unless you actually don’t use Internet much to work or any of the Google’s applicaiontions, Chromebook won’t be a good choice for you despite all its wonderful features.

Top 4 tech startups that made $1 billion in less than 5 years


Whether it’s for the brilliant idea or the investment from venture capitalists, a number of tech startups had made headlines in the past few years. They have been successful in such a short time that it even amazed many top tech companies in the world. Here are the four tech startups that made $1 billion in a very short time.



Uber conducts its operation in more than 200 cities. Investors are continuously investing in this startup. They provide cab service using your smartphone. Giant companies like Baidu, Goldman Sachs, etc. have already invested in Uber.



It is an early mover in the smartphone payment systems. Within a short time, the business has attracted lots of customers and investors as well. Investors like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and other have invested in this project.



It is a visual social media platform that is hugely popular now. Pinterest managed to raise most of its money from the venture capitalists even before it started getting any money from the business. Bessemer Venture Partners, Fidelity Investments, and others have invested in the business.

Pure Storage


It is an enterprise storage startup that helps to solve the growing data center needs. The company has raised a lot of money from private equity.

All these startups have raised the standard of tech business. They have proven that if the idea is bright and you know how to get the attention of the venture capitalists, then you will be successful.

Top 5 features of iPhone 7


The most anticipated smartphone iPhone 7 is now out in the market. Many people have been curious and excited about Apple’s new invention. Here are the best features of iPhone 7 that make it so special.

1. Better camera

The camera is upgraded with a dual-lens. With this camera, you can get a better and sharper image. It will produce DSLR quality photos with its 21-mega pixel camera. It is the best camera you have ever experienced in any smartphone till date.

  2. No home button

There is no home button on iPhone 7. It will be replaced with fingerprint scanner that will be on the screen. No other smartphone company has ever done this before and Apple has already filed a patent for it.

3. Waterproof

The phone is waterproof.  The previous smartphones that have been waterproof can resist water for maximum 30 minutes if submerged under 1 meter of water. But iPhone 7 water resistant capability will be more.

4. Fast charging

iPhone 7 will have five volt two amp charging capacity, which is double than iPhone 6s. Thus, you need not worry if your battery is down, as you can get it charged really fast.

5. Faster processor

It has an A10 chip that is 50 percent faster. iPhone 7 has 3GB of RAM. So, it will be much faster than iPhone 6. You will enjoy the high speed of operating and browsing on this phone.

These amazing features make the iPhone 7 stand out from the rest. If you haven’t booked your new iPhone 7 yet, book it now!